Frequently Asked Questions​

In order to reset your password click lost password on the Members Login Page. If you do not receive your reset email, please check your spam inbox and mark the email as ‘important’ so it does not go into spam again.

After signing up for a webinar you should be redirected to the confirmation page with the access info; as well as receive an email with the access info for the webinar. IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE a confirmation, please check your spam inbox and mark the email as ‘important’

You do not access the live webinar by logging in to the website. You should have received an email with the direct link (Zoom for webinars / YouTube for livestreams). If you do not see the email, please check your spam inbox. If you still cannot find it, email us at or text (323) 435-1315

The events under the online events tab are via webinar or livestream and the events under live events are in-person events around the US and beyond.

You will receive unlimited replay access for registering for the event. You can view the event back at another time if you are unable to attend live. It will be loaded to Your Webinar Dashboard. Please allow 2-3 days after the live event is over before it is added to your member’s area.

The replay will be sent out 2-3 days after the live event is over. We need to edit and remove any inconsistencies and then re-upload the footage for you. On occasion it may take less than 2 days. You can view all your event footage in your Members Dashboard.

You will have unlimited replay access to view the event footage. You can view it on your Members Dashboard any time you want. NOTE: If you are an all access member you can only view the footage during the period your membership is active.

We have created an extensive article to explain what your contribution goes towards. We are pioneering conscious business and have become a financial resource for many conscious presenters, researchers and activist world wide. Where does your money go

  1. Please check your spam inbox. If it is in there mark it as important
  2. If you still cannot find your email contact us at

You do not view the live webinar on this website. An email was sent to you with a direct access link. Click that link to view the live webinar. If you cannot find the email check your spam and if it is in there mark the email as important.

The intricate system we are using unfortunately does not have an option to bypass adding billing info due to the style of order forms and the way the back-end is structured. Your info is safe and we guarantee that your credit card will not be used for anything you do not personally authorize and register for. In this situation you will still receive the free event and will NOT be charged at all.

Navigate to the My Accounts tab and you will be able to update your password there.