Founder of Portal to Ascension


I: A message from Neil: How it all started…
I was born in London, UK. At age 12 I moved to Southern California with my sister and parents. I was raised in a Hindu family and, even though, I followed the traditions and rituals that my parents asked me to – I never really had any concrete religious beliefs. I just did what was expected of me. When I graduated high school in 2000 I went to California State University Fullerton; where I began interacting with people from all over the world and exploring a wide range of music. I had been writing poetry for a few years, but now I took it more seriously, creating spoken word pieces and freestyle rapping with my friends. The words in my poetry portrayed a lot of universal and spiritual questions with a cosmic twist. I felt that there was something off and missing in the world.

In 2001, my second year of college, I discovered some videos from Nassim Haramein, Jim Self & Jordan Maxwell. I began absorbing information at a rapid rate, going deep down the rabbit hole. I learned about the Sumerian Civilization and the ET race known as the Anunnaki; as well as tracking the bloodlines of the elite throughout our ancient history & exploring the nature of sound and vibration.

II: Transformation
This awareness, and more, brought me back to the religion of my birth, Hinduism. I was looking at this spiritual tradition with brand new eyes drawing comparisons with other ancient text. I realized that these scriptures were speaking of frequency and the quantum realm, which is a science we are only now discovering.

Many of these ancient texts were speaking of the same thing… they even had the exact same stories. But why do we as a collective on Earth continue to speak about our differences where the truth of our connection is right in front of us?

The Hindus speak of vibration and frequency and how this connects to meditation and other holistic practices. Is yoga, meditation, healthy living, positive thoughts truly just a science of frequency? These are the questions I was contemplating…

I was reading translations of the Sumerian scriptures that were the exact same stories found throughout other religions in the world. However, these scriptures dated back 1000’s of years before the world bibles spoke of the same stories. I also discovered that these texts were talking about interdimensional beings. Could it be that most of these stories of prophets and Gods are actually talking about beings from other planets or dimensions? My mind was blown…

I soon began to delve deep into the conspiracies and global corruption. I felt that there was a disconnection in the world and that we as a species are wandering aimlessly allowing ourselves to be manipulated and controlled. I was so angry, feeling that I had been lied to my entire life. That everything I know was wrong; but, I also felt reassured that I had always known something was not right. I stayed in the darkness for a while, a bit scared and very confused. I wanted to do something and help shift the consciousness on the planet. This was from 2001 – 2006.

III: Breakthrough
In 2006, after 6 years of intense research, I created a Facebook group called “2012 Consciousness, Mind, Evolution and Presence”. I created this group so I could begin connecting with the global community, to discuss these topics with others and learn more. Within a matter of months 100’s of people began joining and within a year we had a few thousand members. The name of the group changed a few times until ultimately in Summer of 2008, the same year I lost my job working as a financial analyst, I had a dream in which I was told that the name of the organization will be “Portal to Ascension”.

That was the same exact Summer I met a group of individuals at an Open Mic, while performing poetry, that became my soul family. Summer of 2008 was when Portal to Ascension was born in spirit, in physicality and with direction. Soon after we conducted our first event at a holistic center in Costa Mesa, California called “Ginger’s Garden Wellness Center”. From that moment until today I have been creating revolutionary events that ultimately lead to two conferences (Cosmic Reunion 2012 and Cosmic Reunion: Fourth Density) in 2012 and then into our state of the art online webinar platform we are currently using. As of December 2019, I have created over 1100 fully produced events, tours, webinars and retreats.

In 2011, my best friend Sol who joined forces with me and traveled the world to create and host these gatherings. Shortly after we began dating and moved in together. We are now married and she has gifted me with a sense of depth, reflection and understanding of the world and myself that I would not have had otherwise. We now run Portal to Ascension together.
It has been an amazing ride of self-discovery and spiritual development creating and evolving with Portal to Ascension. It has been a huge challenge attempting to do something for a living that entirely relies on my own effort to support myself and to empower the world through our efforts. Every time I changed direction in life and move away from creating events and putting my energy in Portal to Ascension, I am always lead back to this ‘work’ through synchronicity. I have decided I will never stop this ‘work’ ever again. I now know more than ever that this is my life mission… to bring together great minds and revolutionaries to inspire and increase awareness all around the world so we may shift our reality to one based on the principles of unity, cosmic consciousness, full disclosure and love; as well as create a platform to show everyone on the planet who they are and what their true potential is.